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Pot-Luck Community Supper Tuesday January 8

Come join us between 5:00 and 7:00 pm on Tuesday January 8 for a “Comfort Food” Pot-Luck supper &...

Around the World on a Dinner Plate Returns

Mark your calendars folks! The MERA ‘Round the World on a Dinner Plate suppers return to brighten four winter...

Twelfth Night Wassail at MERA

MERA's Mandate is:

To encourage, develop and organize arts, cultural and recreational activities for people of all ages in order to enhance the well-being, health and connectivity of the community.

We're committed to...

  • Facilitating and promoting activities and entertainment programs for adults and children which help bring this rural community together.
  • Providing a facility to learn and practice skills such as weaving, pottery, textile arts, visual arts and physical fitness.
  • Promoting greater access, awareness and understanding of the arts, crafts, music, and health.

MERA is a not for profit corporation incorporated by Letters Patent in the Province of Ontario and is a registered charity.

  • MERA is governed by a board of volunteer directors elected from amongst its members.
  • The schoolhouse building and property is owned and maintained as a community centre by the Corporation of the Township of Lanark Highlands and is leased to MERA.

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