2020 Christmas Fair on the Web

Did you think that you were going to miss 2020 MERA Christmas Fair this year? Think again. It's right here at your finger tips!

Check out the great selection of unique locally crafted items available from the vendors below.

Click on the image for each vendor to see a selection and description of their wares.

Contact information for each vendor is included so that you can arrange an appointment to view and purchase items directly.

When you purchase an item be sure to mention the MERA Christmas Fair. That way a small portion of the proceeds come to MERA.

Best of the Season from your friends & neighbours at MERA.

Lise Loader - Weaver


Lise Loader is one of MERA's most experienced and active weavers. You can be sure that all of Lise's work is beautifully designed and impeccably crafted.

George Fisher - Woodworker


George offers handmade cutting boards, charcuterie boards, furniture and other unique items all made from locally sourced hardwood.

Patti-Jo Wilson - Jewelry Designer


Patti-Jo (PJ) designs and creates jewelry and other "pretty things" at her little shop "PJ's Pretties" in McDonald's Corners.

Ludwig Ratzinger - Chocolatier


Fine Chocolate by Ludwig

High quality chocolate bars that come in a variety of flavours, expertly made with the finest ingredients.

A perennial favorite at the MERA Christmas Fair.

The MERA Weaving  Group


A fine collection of scarves, rugs, runners, towels, tote bag and mats lovingly crafted by the MERA Weavers.

100% of the proceeds go to support MERA.

Raphael Kerem - Brooms

Brooms and woodworking, influenced by traditional cultures, using hand methods, and local, natural materials, right from tree to finished product.

Rafael has been making brooms over 36 years, brooms that work exceptionally well. People say they are Too Nice to Use, but in fact they are very functional, and as a tool, they give daily pleasure.


Barb Flynn - Jams, Jellies & Mamalade

Homemade Jams, Jellies & Marmalade

The MERA Pottery Group

The MERA Potters are working very hard to make up for time lost in the studio due to closure of the facility earlier this year. Some special creations will be available very soon. Don't forget to visit this site regularly as new items will be added as they become available.