Boreal – Songs of Renewal

Sunday April 23, 2:00pm

MERA Schoolhouse

Boreal is the magical musical collaboration of Tannis Slimmon, Katherine Wheatley and Angie Nussey. These three hard working singer-songwriters, each with their own longstanding, award winning careers, simply love playing music together. In the winter, Boreal shines their collective light on Canada’s coldest months with their show “Songs for the Snowy Season”. The brighter /warmer months are reserved for “Boreal Goes Botanical”, a show that combines sun-loving, moon-watching, finger-snapping, heart-touching and deeply uplifting songs.

For 2023 Boreal has launched “Songs of Renewal” as its spring theme. The trio’s spell binding harmonies, combined vocal prowess and tour-de-force song-writing make for a powerful musical event. With humour, storytelling and heart melting honesty, Boreal takes their audience on a journey of friendship, laughter and connection.

Boreal began in 2006, when singer-songwriters Katherine Wheatley, Tannis Slimmon, and Jude Vadala gathered around Jude’s kitchen table with the idea to create a show that would kickstart the winter with excitement and joy. Since each member of the trio was busy with their solo career, their idea was to perform a small tour (literally a “two-er”) together each December. The audiences were enthralled and so the harmonious trio expanded their touring and took their show “Songs for the Snowy Season” to soft seat theatres across Ontario.

Their stage show eventually turned into a masterfully recorded album called “Winter’s Welcome” which was released in 2014.

In 2019, Jude Vadala lovingly retired from Boreal and was replaced by singer/songwriter/producer Angie Nussey who enjoyed one tour with Boreal before the world started to change.

In the more isolated months, and with the momentum of learning to work ‘together-alone’,Boreal began recording individual parts on songs from their respective home studios and were able to release Katherine’s “Snow Falls Down” in November 2020. They continued to work both together and alone through 2021 and plan to release a new winter CD in December 2022. It will be their first full recording with Angie, who’s songs “Shepherd of The Road , “Snowball Fight of ‘92” and “Warm Hands”, bring a robust dose of first-hand winter experience.

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Tickets are $25.00 plus service fees available at Tickets Please

The MERA Schoolhouse is located at 974 Dalhousie Concession 9A, McDonald’s Corners, Ont., K0G 1M0

TANNIS SLIMMON grew up in a large musical family ona farm in Manitoba and moved to Guelph, Ontario in 1980 where she soon became known on the Canadian music scene as a member of the critically acclaimed Bird Sisters. Her exceptional voice “full of gentle grace and unobtrusive dignity” (Penguin Eggs) can be heard on over 100 albums including those by Willie P. Bennett, Valdy, David Francey and Rheostatics. Tannis is the 2020 recipient of the prestigious Estelle Klein Award, Ontario’s highest folk honour. In 2008 she was
honoured with the Contemporary Vocalist of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards for “Lucky Blue”.
“A breathtaking vocalist with a bright, angelic disposition,Slimmon is a favourite folk
attraction whose harmonies are as warm as her smile.”– Exclaim

ANGIE NUSSEY is an award-winning Canadian recordingartist and producer from Orillia, Ontario. Since 1999, she has released six full-length albums and won over 15 industry awards for songwriting, vocals, and performance. She is probably best known for her
emotional, philosophical and at times autobiographical ballads, but she doesn’t miss an opportunity to poke fun at everyday situations and the human condition, not to mention herself. In 2021, Angie began releasing her solo project, “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing”, which is a collection of autobiographical songs and stories released on a monthly basis. Angie is downright funny and a moving, beautiful

Her command of the stage and her rapport with heraudience was nothing short of masterful. Nussey’s songs are both powerful and entertaining and I for one would go to a festival just to see her.” – Heather Bishop, CM, OM,LLD(Hon)

KATHERINE WHEATLEY KATHERINE WHEATLEYgrew up, number 4 of 6 kids, inParry Sound, Ontario. Acoustic roots with catchy melodies, arresting vocals, great guitar playing, lyrics that get you and that you get – these are all things that have been written over and over again about her music.
She sings truth, bravely, and in detail. Katherine has won awards for composition, arranging and songwriting. In addition to touring across Canada, the U.S. and Europe as a solo singer/songwriter, Katherine is a member of the Toronto band “Betty and The Bobs” and plays regularly in the hilarious and moving duo “Wendell and Wheat”. She has written and recorded over 200 songs with kids through her Youthsongs program and is in high demand for her innovative songwriting and music workshops. Katherine works as a singer and zodiac driver on board The MS Expedition as it plies the seas of Antarctica and the Norwegian Arctic.

“Boreal graced our Acoustic Harvest stage with a brilliant, inspiring and memorable evening
of beautiful song and glorious harmonies.
They are truly Canadian treasures and we are so blessed to have them enriching our lives.”
Lillian Wauthier (Artistic Director – Acoustic Harvest, Toronto, ON)
“With stunningly beautiful voices, Boreal captures the festive spirit like no other act I’ve ever
presented. With exquisitely intricate harmonies and heartwarming stories, Boreal connects
with their audience in a profound way. Our show was a sellout and we immediately booked
them for next season! Highly recommended!”
George Scott (Songwriter’s Showcase Presenter, Alliston and Beeton, ON)
“The Boreal show was one of the highlights of our concert series for much of our audience.
The trio’s fantastic harmonies and effortless delivery from the stage instantly connects them
with the audience, transforming our concert hall into a cozy living room for the entire show. ”
John Payne (Artistic Director – Tour de Fort, Fort Francis, ON)