A Company of Fools

Annual Visit by Company Fools Cancelled for 2020

A Company of Fools has been delighting audiences all across Canada since 1990 as Ottawa’s original professional Shakespeare company. Inspired by the rogue Elizabethan players that once entertained audiences out of doors and at the Globe theatre, we have built a reputation as a highly physical troupe doing interactive shows both indoors and out. Our award winning shows have toured all across Canada, from Halifax to Vancouver to Yellowknife, (and that one time in China).

The Fools are best known for our Torchlight Shakespeare Series, where 90-minute versions of Shakespeare’s hits are played by a nimble cast of 3-6 performers in a fast-paced, engaging and Foolishly interactive manner, in community parks, praised by critics and audiences alike.

For the first time in 11 years a Company of Fools tackles Shakespeare’s iconic story Romeo and Juliet. A stellar local cast of Fools both new and old play 14 different roles to retell Shakespeare’s most known story in your own backyard. A carnival setting creates the backdrop for the Fools’ fantastical take on the streets of Verona. Swords are paired with water pistols, and live music is played by a carnie barker with a megaphone. Audiences will be transported to an adolescent paradise of dangerous pleasure. Relive your teenage angst with the Fools this summer as they present the world’s favourite romance.

Combined with the fact that this show is “pass-the-hat with no tickets required”, there’s no excuse not to take in a fun, family friendly night of theatre in your own neighbourhood!
A donation recommended and appreciated, with all proceeds going to A Company of Fools.

Being Fools, we combine physical theatre techniques of clown, mask and puppetry with the classical text. This unusual mix has earned us critical acclaim. Although known for our performances, the Fools are also active in the field of education. We provide workshops and performances for elementary and high school students. We also program professional development workshops for emerging and established artists in the region.

The mandate of the Fools is to produce innovative, entertaining and accessible shows based on the works of William Shakespeare. We produce original works inspired by Shakespeare as well as performing his plays. We are a not-for-profit incorporation and a registered charity.
For more information visit A Company of Fools.