Located in scenic Lanark Highlands, Eastern Ontario, Canada

drawing by Linda Grenier


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Storm Internet  provides free internet service to MERA. In exchange, Storm asks MERA members and their friends to sign up for Storm Internet service, providing the promotional code MERA2M when filling out the application form or speaking to Storm staff (613-267-3801) Storm will use this code to track MERA referrals and to ensure that new customers get two free months of service.

1. Renting MERA Facilities

- or scroll down for information on Summer Artist Residency Program at MERA


Planning a birthday party? Having a get-together with ninety of your best friends? A meeting or craft sale?

Members and non-members are welcome to rent rooms in the Schoolhouse, the grounds, and the outdoor wood-fired oven.


  Capacity Amount of time

Members or

not-for-profit groups

Non-members or

for-profit activities

Whole Building 92 people All day $75 $150
Up to 4 hours $35 $75
Large Room 25'x25' 50 people All day $45 $90
Up to 4 hours $20 $45
Small Room 20'x14' 15 people All day $30 $60
Up to 4 hours $15 $30

Grounds only

n/a Part or All day $20 $40
Grounds and Outdoor Oven n/a Part or All day $25 $50
Additional charge to use kitchen with any rental n/a Part or All Day $20 $40

Washroom access included with all rentals


Please note: No more than 92 people are allowed at any one time in the building.

How to book:  Apply my email at meraschoolhouse@gmail.com or phone 613-278-0388.  

Bookings must be for functions acceptable to MERA and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Music concerts: bookings are scheduled by the MERA Music committee to avoid scheduling conflicts. If you require help with promotions, apply to the Music committee to be a sponsored concert.

Outdoor wood-fired oven: bookings will include a training session in advance of your booking date. Factor into your booking times that you will need several hours to get the oven up to pizza-cooking heat.

Kitchen use: Facilities include oven, fridge, coffee maker, tea kettle, dishes and cutlery. Dishes must be hand-washed and then sterilized by adding a capful of javex in the rinse water (javex is under the sink)


2. Summer Artist Residency Program at MERA "New" for the summer of 2016

The MERA Schoolhouse is offering a new studio residency program this summer.
It is for artist/craftspeople, who may enjoy coming to this rural schoolhouse in the Lanark Highlands of Eastern Ontario
to create a body of work for an exhibition, or for research or to take time away for new artistic endeavours.

The sunny weaving studio is fully equipped, has a 60" 4 harness jack loom and several smaller looms both jack and counter balance.
The pottery studio is also well equipped with 4 pottery wheels a slab roller and an electronic digital kiln.

There is a large hall for dance space or theatre space that includes an historic, completely refurbished and refinished Bell 'upright Grand' piano.

The area surrounding McDonald's Corners is full of lakes and beautiful rolling countryside that is ideal for cycling, canoeing, hiking, swimming or golf. If you are looking for shopping or restaurants, Sylvania Lodge is just down the road overlooking Dalhousie Lake and the historic towns of Perth or Sharbot Lake are only 20 minutes away, Almonte 40 mins and Ottawa 90 minutes.


We are offering an introductory rate of $100 per week for studio residencies.
This does not include materials or expenses such as use of the kiln.
These fees may be waived/exchanged for a workshop or lecture given to local area artists or crafts people.

 A Children's Arts Camp runs for the last week of July 25-29 so the Schoolhouse will not be available during that week.

Area Accommodations:


Paul's Creek campground on Dalhousie Lake is 6 km from the Schoolhouse. 613-278-2770

Sylvania Lodge on Dalhousie Lake 613-278-0091


Bed and Breakfast or house rental:

1. Across the road in a historic home with a MERA member $25 per night.

Please contact Ankaret Dean at 613 278-1203 or by email ankaret@storm.ca

2. Also Across from MERA, Furnished 3 Bedroom House. weekly or monthly

Contact Barb Flynn at 613-278-1341 or by email at barbandjamiesfarm@outlook.com