Annual General Meeting & Board Nominations

MERA AGM Sunday March 31 and call for Nominations to MERA’s Board of Directors.

Dear members and friends of MERA,
On this particularly snowy winter day it is hard to imagine that it is already time to prepare for MERA’s Annual General Meeting, a definite sign of spring approaching. This year’s AGM will take place Sunday, March 31. One important task of this gathering is to elect directors to the board. There are several vacancies and nominations for election are being actively sought. If you are interested in supporting the life of this community as part of the team working back stage to set agendas and develop programmes please put your name forward. Interest, enthusiasm and a 2019 MERA membership (paid up as of March 1st) are the only pre-requisites to serve on the MERA board.
Please direct questions about serving on the board to any board member or contact Lyndal Neelin You can also find out more by visiting the MERA website at this link:
To put your name forward please send an e-mail to, or leave a note in the locked drawer. To have your name appear in the member notice please submit before March 5th. You can submit your name up to March 20th, but it will not be sent to members.
We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

Lyndal Neelin

Chair – MERA board of directors