Events on: Fri, Jan 19, 2018
Intermediate Recorder Classes 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Recorder Lessons with Helen Mogford

Starting 2018 Friday, January 5th (see dates in the Front Page Calendar. There are gaps)

Intermediate Level 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Those who already know most of the notes on the recorder and who can read music for those notes are welcome to join this group that has been playing for a year and a half. For this class, soprano, alto, tenor or bass players are welcome.


10 weekly lessons are at MERA, Friday afternoons, starting in September, with a few gaps when I am away.  If you want to join us, please let me know!

10 lessons for $100 for members, $120 for non members.  A drop-in rate is UNavailable this session, but if you have financial difficulties, please let me know.

Email Helen Mogford, 613 278 1991 with your interest or questions.

Around MERA on a Dinner Plate 6:00 p.m.


A Dinner of Colour hosted by The Arts Circle*

*Please see menu and note below

Friday, January 19th 6 pm

$15 per person

New Registration Process: All tickets must be pre-paid no later then Wednesday, January 17th via e-transfer or in the MERA drawer (please mark clearly who its from and what its for).  

Please e-mail to register.  

Please find attached the updated registration process for the Around MERA Dinners.   There was a misunderstanding with the regulations/law.   You do not need to send me your name & phone number.  But you must be aware that the food being served has not been inspected and is not made on the premises.   If you are donating food, this includes deserts, please let me know, as this is what needs to be recorded with your name & address.

The pre-payment request is still valid.

If you have already registered, thank you, I still have you on the list and I will remove your address from the file.

Thanks for your understanding,


*From Judy Watts, Chair od the MERA Board

Hello, MERA members.  

Our winter dinners are starting this week with a new theme:  Around MERA on a Dinner Plate.  Different  MERA groups are doing the dinners and the Arts Circle is putting on the first one this coming Friday 19 January.  To entice you, here is their menu:

A Colourful Supper - something for every taste

Appetizers: Pull-apart homemade buns:  Tom Shoebridge, and cheddar cheese, with black and green olives: GloriaShoebridge

Sunrise red borscht: Jean Dunning
Verdant green salad with berries: Gloria Shoebridge
Purple cabbage cole slaw: Dorothy Hobbs
Golden Coconut Chicken Curry: Helen Mogford

Tawny mac and cheese: Margaret Bruce
Rainbow Roasted Veggies: Jyceline Labine

Beautiful beef goulash:  Aleksandra Kaye

Snow-like Rice: Gloria Shoebridge

As you know we are asking you to book your place and to pay for your dinner ahead.  This allows the cooks to know how many will be there and will hopefully ensure that all places are taken.  Any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail Trina at

The MERA dinners do a lot for us.  They promote social activity in the dead of winter; they enable us to share meals with new and old friends; to explore new tastes; and to raise money for MERA.

The programming committee is just finishing up plans for the next 3 dinners.  Tentatively they will be on February 2nd and 16th and March 16th.   An e-mail will be sent once we know the dates for sure.

The cooks are all volunteers, and many of them donate the materials and often buy a ticket as well.  All for the good cause of MERA.

Please join us for all four dinners, and make them all a success.

Hope to see you on Friday,