MERA Recorder Classes

The recorder is one of the simplest wind instruments to learn and play. The Intermediate Consort class is an ongoing group now in its third year that plays easy to intermediate music in 2-4 parts. There are 3 sizes of recorder that play in the group: soprano, alto and tenor. New members are welcome. Beginner classes will also be available if there is sufficient demand.

The Intermediate Consort class is a group of enthusiastic amateur players with teacher Helen Mogford providing guidance and music. If you already read music and play an instrument, preferably the recorder, the Intermediate Consort class is a fun way to play music in an ensemble setting. The seasonal group sessions consist of a 75 minute class every Friday afternoon for 8 to 10 weeks. The cost of group recorder lessons varies according the number in the class, but generally ranges between $8 and $12 a class.

Recorder lessons will not be happening the spring of 2018, as Helen will be traveling then. However, the existing group is planning to keep playing on their own each Friday until June. Lessons will resume with the intermediate class. A beginner class is possible if 3 or 4 people are interested. Private lessons will be available as well.

To enquire about joining the group or learning the recorder from the beginner level, contact Helen Mogford at 613 278 1991 or email here.

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