New e-Transfer payment option at MERA

Using e-Transfer is similar to paying your bills through on-line banking. Once logged into your personal bank accounts you must first add the e-Transfer recipient to a list of “e-Transfer” payees. Look for the function Add e-Transfer Recipient”. You will need to supply the following information:
  • Recipient name : MERA
  • Recipient e-mail address :
  • A Security Question to be answered by the administrator
  • The answer to the Security Question
Once you have added MERA to your recipient list, return to the e-Transfer” option. Chose MERA as the recipient, fill in the amount (and the frequency if that option is available) and submit as you would for any other on-line bill payment. A hold is put on the transferred funds and the bank sends an e-mail to MERA which is used to deposit the funds in the MERA account.
One final, but important step: you must e-mail MERA at informing our administrator of the following:
  • Reason for the pending transfer (i.e. membership dues; charitable donation; program fee)
  • Your full name, and the names of the additional adults and children to be included if you are applying for a family membership
  • The answer to the Security Question
  • A completed member application form if that is the purpose of the transfer. We recommend that you apply for membership using our on-line form. You can include all the information requested above on that form.
For subsequent payments or contributions, unless you wish to change the security question, you will not need to edit information in the Add e-Transfer Recipient” function.
Since the various banks each have slightly different on-line banking sites we recommend following the online instructions from your institution.   Here are links to the major institutions: