Board Of Directors

MERA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who meet at least 10 times a year. Meetings are usually held at the Schoolhouse at 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of the month. MERA members are welcome to attend Board meetings. To address the board, please advise the Board Secretary for a place on the agenda.

The Board establishes policies for the organization that further the mandate of MERA and monitors and approves financial expenditures. The board oversees and directs the activities of the part time Administrator and part time Caretaker. The Board also supports regular, ongoing groups as well as plans for workshops, events and new initiatives considered by the Program and Music Committees, and any other committees or working groups that may be established to carry out specific tasks.

The Board must have at least 5 and no more than 9 members elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting held late winter/early spring. They serve 3 year terms which may be renewed once. After each Annual General Meeting, the elected Board members select the officers among themselves: Chairperson, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

Present Directors - 2019

Chair: Lyndal Neelin - 613-278-1656
Vice Chair: Barry Russell - 613-278-1991
Secretary: Helen Mogford - 613-278-1991
Treasurer: Judy Watts - 613-278-1567
Director: Wayne Stryde - 613-259-5433
Director: Peter Cochrane - 613-267-6143
Director: Patti Jo Wilson - 613-278-1501
Director: Lynn Shwadchuck - 613-279-1966

Serving on the MERA Board of Directors

Would you like to serve on the Board? We are always interested in community minded people to serve on the Board who have artistic, fundraising, financial, organizational or other skills to share. Please feel free to attend a board meeting or contact any board member.

For details about the Board of Directors, Officers, member eligibility, voting, member meetings and the Annual General Meeting, please see the Bylaws.


Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting must be held no later than March 31 each year as mandated by the Bylaws. The AGM is open to the general public, however only members in good standing are eligible to vote for election of directors and amendments to the bylaws.

The following business is transacted at the AGM:

  • Presentation of the financial statements and the Treasurer’s report;
  • Reports of the Board and various committees;
  • Election of the directors by the membership;
  • Votes by the membership on proposed amendments to the bylaws;
  • Such other business as may be properly brought before the meeting.

Members are encouraged to attend the AGM to learn about the current status and new initiatives of the organization and to contribute to the discussions.

Download the MInutes of the March 31, 2019 MERA Annual General Meeting Here.
Download the Reports to the 2019 MERA Annual General Meeting Here.
Download the Financial Statement for 2018 Here.

MERA Annual General Meeting - March 31, 2019

Tom Shoebridge, Marilyn Barnett & Peter Cochrane

Marilyn Barnett was presented with the Volunteer Extraordinaire Award by Tom Shoebridge for her  exceptional contribution to MERA as a hard working volunteer, board member, Chairwoman, Administrator and chief cook & bottle washer. Marilyn received a standing ovation from those in attendance as well as an honorary MERA membership and a wall plaque to recognize her many achievements.

The Annual Ankaret Volunteer Award was presented to Peter Cochrane.