Helen Mogford

Helen grew up in a home rich with art and music. However, she has been painting seriously for only seven years, since retiring from teaching (where she loved teaching art). Helen has taken workshops and classes from local artists, but has found a very comfortable style based on the teachings of Brian Simons of Victoria.

Helen loves to look for light, colour and a particular intensity in mostly natural scenes. She works from photographs she loves, that she has taken herself and has edited carefully. Then comes the translation into paint, which is like a meditation on beauty in forms of life and light. Recently she has painted some challenging pictures of animals and humans in interesting situations. Every painting, whatever the image, is of a fascinating moment in time.

Prices for paintings (framed) in the Gallery range from $200-$300, generally based on size. You can contact Helen at 613 278 1991 or hmogford@gmail.com .