Make a Light Sculpture Workshop

Custom Light Sculptures with Kim Land

Monday May 8th 9am to 2pm

Want to try something different? Come join us and create your own custom light sculpture. Kim Land will supply almost everything you need to make one of these unique pieces and she will walk you through every step as she makes a light sculpture with you. She will supply all the electrical parts, wood base, frame, papers, and glue

To bring:
hair blower, garden shears or strong scissors, Robertson #1 and #2 screwdrivers(square) if you have them, something special to you (pretty leaves, pressed flowers, dried ferns, ashes of a loved one) to decorate – this can be added on your own time if you can’t choose.

Cost is $80 for MERA members and $100 for non members.
To register, please contact MERA admin

Kim Land is an artist from Temiscaming, Quebec. She creates beautiful light sculptures from driftwood. “Aurora Light Sculptures came about from my need to work with my hands combined with my love of nature and all things natural. For way too many years I fought my need to create because adulting got in the way. As a result, there was always something missing in my careers and I wasn’t truly fulfilled so I decided the fight was over and followed dreams.” To learn more about Kim and her light sculptures, please visit