Nominations for Ankaret Volunteer Award

It’s time to send in your Ankaret Volunteer Award nomination.

This year we are changing it up a little – all the details are below.
Nominations can be made starting Monday November 12th until Monday December 3rd.
Nomination forms need to be emailed to Please note, if you have already suggested a nominee, this form still needs to be completed to provide full information. A few paper copies will be available and can be placed in the slotted drawer. Please only do so if you do not have internet access. You can download a copy of the application form HERE.
All nominations will be presented to the MERA Board of Directors at the meeting on December 4th and they will decide who the recipient will be.
The Ankaret Volunteer Award recipient will be announced at the Annual General Meeting in the spring.
The nominees must be current MERA members in good standing.
Nominees must have made exceptional contributions to MERA over time, not just the current year.
Nominations can be made by an individual or as a group (please list all people making the nomination).