November Art from Perth Photographic Society

Meet the Artist at MERA: A bit of “Everything and Anything” in Perth Photographic Society’s November Exhibition

The largest room at MERA (McDonald’s Corners and Elphin Recreation and Arts) is the original one room school, now named Dean Hall in honour of Ankaret Dean, one of MERA’s founding members and still an active volunteer. Today, with its high ceilings, wainscoted walls and good lighting, the hall lends itself well as an art exhibition space. MERA has happily promoted it as such for several years, featuring local artists in shows that change monthly. On Sunday November 6th, MERA welcomes photography lovers to an Art Show and Meet the Artist Event featuring the Perth Photographic Society.

Course Bateau – Jean-Denis Labelle

The Perth Photographic Society is a group of like-minded photographers from in and around Perth Ontario.  The group came together in 2021.  Members come from different backgrounds and different life experiences with photography.   They also have different interests in terms of the genre of photography that they either favour or pursue.  Interests include such things as nature photography, macro photography, still life photography, sport photography, street photography, drone photography, portraiture, composites and photo artistry.  Interests can also include anything else that offers an interesting or technical challenge or a unique shooting opportunity.

Liquid Defract Smarties Stack -Craig Greenwood

Most importantly, society members share a passion for creating wonderful images.  This shared objective is achieved through a combination of in-camera shooting, studio setups, computer-based post processing and the use of various print mediums and image presentation formats.  By sharing their individual interests and skills through meetings and photographic outings, they help each other grow and develop as photographers.

The Exhibition is titled ‘Everything and Anything” to reflect the variety of images that are included.  This exhibition is the second exhibition for The Perth Photographic Society.  The first was in the gallery at Studio Theatre Perth earlier this year.

Arctic Wolves – Len Modderman

Members of the Perth Photographic Society include: Graeme Crabb, *Robert Feduke, Don Farrow, *Craig Greenwood, *Jean-Denis Labelle, *Len Modderman, *Bruce Raby and *David Zimmerly.

(*Members with images in the MERA Exhibition)

You are invited to join The Perth Photographic Society at the MERA Schoolhouse in McDonald’s Corners (974 Dalhousie Concession 9A) on Sunday November 6th from 2pm to 4pm to meet the artists, view their works and purchase that “must have” piece. To arrange to see the exhibition at times other than the Meet the Artist event, please contact Wayne Stryde