Something Old Turns New Again Workshop

Create from Old with Isidora Spielmann

May 6th 10am to 3pm

This workshop is intended for beginners. Adults and children over the age of twelve will enjoy taking a piece of old clothing and making it new using creative mending and decorating. Clothing… shirts, jackets, pants, dresses, sweaters .. who doesn’t have too much already? And yet, the very favorite blouse has a rip and the very best skirt doesn’t have pockets. We can fix that!

Let’s start with a clothing exchange. Perhaps your neighbor’s jacket has the perfect pockets and your mother’s old dress can give someone else’s blouse a new life.

Isidora will help you with the more difficult decisions .. like: should I cut the sleeves right off or just make a slit? Using creative mending and decorating Isidora will help you finish the job and turn something old new again!

Please bring your own lunch. Tea and coffee will be served.


Please bring:

Bring your old favourite clothes, leftover yarn, threads, ribbons, …


$60 for MERA members

$70 for non members

To register, please contact MERA admin