MERA Weavers

This collective has expanded significantly from a core group over the last few years, to the point where space and equipment have become limiting factors. There are now 7 looms of various sizes and styles at MERA. Several of these looms are set up with extra-long warps which become cooperative projects that various members work on when they can.

10-12 PM (and beyond) Thursdays the weavers gather to plan and work on projects and are available to share ideas, advice and enthusiasm with each other and newer weavers. It’s an apprentice-like learn-as-you-go environment suited to those who have taken an introduction to weaving weekend workshop at a guild. MERA has on occasion had enough interest to hold such a workshop, but there is none planned this fall.

As with all groups at the schoolhouse, you must have a MERA membership to become a regular member of the MERA Heritage Weavers.

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Check out the 2018 MERA Weavers Exhibition: Still Weaving After 20 Years

For additional information contact Lise Loader at 613 326 0087 or Mary Donnelly at 613 267 3447.