Wood and Iron at the MERA Gallery

Meet the Artists at MERA February 5th:

Timothy Booth, Steve Griffiths and Barry Russell: Wood and Iron

The largest room at MERA (McDonalds Corners/Elphin Recreation & Arts) is the original one room school, now named Dean Hall in honour of Ankaret Dean, one of MERA’s founding members and still an active volunteer. Today, with its high ceilings, wainscoted walls and good lighting, the hall lends itself well as an art exhibition space. MERA has happily promoted it as such for several years, featuring local artists in shows that change monthly. In February, MERA welcomes lovers of design and craftsmanship to an Art Show and Meet the Artist Event featuring Timothy Booth, Steve Griffiths and Barry Russell.

The works of three friends come together in their exhibition “Wood and Iron”. This art show features the functional, handcrafted pieces of two woodworkers and a blacksmith.

Tim Booth

Timothy Booth is multifaceted as a woodworker, musician, entrepreneur, naturalist and Qiqong practitioner. Tim is located just north of Lanark village. Tim is deeply dedicated to the arts and the environment. He is passionate about using local, natural and reclaimed materials in his works. Tim’s adept designs and choice wood selections create aesthetically pleasing and durable furniture and crafts.

Barry Russell

Barry Russell is a retired teacher who took up woodworking about 10 years ago. He did a lot of refinishing and repurposing antique furniture.  Then he became interested in using slabwood and mill rejected wood that often had character because of the defects.  He likes to work with material that is locally sourced and tries to create unique pieces.

Barry Russell


You are invited to join Timothy, Steve and Barry at the MERA Schoolhouse in McDonald’s Corners (974 Dalhousie Concession 9A) on Sunday February 5th from 2 to 4PM to meet the artists, view their works and purchase that “must have” piece. To arrange to see the exhibition at times other than the Meet the Artist event, please contact Wayne Stryde gwstryde@outlook.com.