Lise Loader - Weaver

Lise Loader is one of MERA's most experienced and active weavers. Lise has sent us the following information about her craft:

I took weaving courses in Toronto while working full time. I moved to Perth in 2007 and joined Mera where I continued my passion. I also explore different weaving techniques that I share with the weavers. I enjoy working with all kinds of fibres including cotton, alpaca, tencel, silk and linen.
I challenge myself with different practical cloths like scarves and shawls, runners, bags, small rugs.
The photos show some examples of my work for the Xmas sale.

My 3 scarves on the photos are $70.00.
Generally a tea towel in a 100% cotton is $20.00 to $24.00.
A shawl can be $120.00 to $200.00 or more depending on the contents; silk and linen can be more.
Scarves start at $50.00 depending of the length, content, hand dyed, hand spun and can go up to $200.00.

Contact Lise at 613 326 0087 or

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