Long Sault Trio

Local musicians Linda Marie Grenier, Victor Maltby and David Tilston formed the LONG SAULT TRIO on the grassy banks of Long Sault Creek in McDonald’s Corners. Like the creek, their music meanders through Folk with hints of Blues, Jazz and Traditional music. Three-part harmonies and a blend of violin, guitar, saxophone, mandolin, harmonica & banjo come together in a modern roots styling. As performing songwriters, they offer an engaging mix of their own heartfelt material along with some favorites that they have collected along the way.
Linda Grenier - Vocals, Guitar and Harmonica. In addition to Long Sault Trio Linda is involved in music and songwriting workshops for various events, teaches as the Campfire Guitar Teacher and is Director of the Shout Sister Choir in Smiths Falls.
Victor Maltby - Vocals, Fiddle and Saxophone. Victor is a Fiddle instructor in Carleton Place and conductor of the Barley Shakers when he is not volunteering his time playing in Seniors’ homes.
David Tilston - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin. David is Past General Coordinator for the Blue Skies Music Festival.

Tickets for Melwood Cutlery and Long Sault Trio Sunday May 14 are $25.00 plus fees are available at Tickets Please

Blue- Long Sault Trio

October Food Recall - Blue Berry Mountain - Long Sault Trio

One More - Long Sault Trio

Long Monday - Long Sault Trio