Thursday March 25, 7:00pm – Claudia Coutu Radmore, Writing about anything, everything, every day.

What drives a writer? Join Claudia and find out! What made her decide what to write, and whether to use prose or poetry? Claudia's published writings are based on personal letters and memoir, oral history, historical and genealogical investigation, and attentiveness to nature.


A future archeologist coming across a cache of books by Claudia Coutu Radmore might be puzzled to categorize them. What kind of a writer was she? After a while, it would become apparent that she’d written memoir and short stories, that her work was included in anthologies of lyric and Japanese-form poetry, that she edited anthologies and letters, wrote a novel, a children’s story, had several collections of poetry, and had hundreds of poems published in literary journals.
What drives a writer, what makes her decide what to write, and in which form to write it. Join her and find out!