Fall Workshops – No Frills, New Skills!

Glass Art with Judy Wall

Saturday September 30th 10am to 3pm

Fee for this workshop is $75 for MERA members and $85 for non members.

Learn the basics of working on glass art projects in this self paced workshop. Students will learn what tools, supplies, equipment are required and how to use them. Judy will guide you through the process with safety tips to consider when handling glass. Learn techniques of cutting, grinding and shaping glass and work their way up to creating a design and laying out the glass. Workshop fee includes glass, based on the MERA inventory.

This workshop is suitable for adults and children as young as 12 years old.

Students will be required to bring :

An item they want to use for their Glass art.

  • Options include: A window frame, or picture frame which has the window glass securely in place.
  • A stable serving tray. work on a piece of wood at least ½ thick already cut to size if making a sign.
  • A piece of plexiglass already cut to size
  • Cut glass to be placed on a flat stone, ( if small enough to transport) or bring home glass and apply at home.  Ie house numbers, a flower ect.

If the participants has a very specific design in mind, bring their design already sketched out to scale on paper for the item they plan on working on. Or do something very abstract based on the glass available during the workshop.

Please register in advance. Space is limited to 6 participants.

Bring your own lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided.

To register, please contact MERA admin meraschoolhouse@gmail.com.


Doll Making with Rose Moses

Saturday October 14th 10am to 3pm

$45 for MERA members, $55 for non members

Rose Moses is Ojibwe First Nation from Northern Ontario and is a textile artist with experience in doll making. Rose has been making dolls for over 30 years and will guide you step by step in the process of making a hand sewn doll. Choose from an array of different colours and fabrics to make your doll unique.

Participants are asked to bring their own pair of scissors. All other materials will be supplied.

This workshop is suitable for adults and children over the age of 12. Participants will be hand sewing their doll.

To register, please contact MERA admin meraschoolhouse@gmail.com





Intro to Clown and Your Creative Genius with Alexis Scott

October 21st, 10am to 3pm.

$75 for MERA members and $85 for non members.

Clown can be the perfect way to connect to your creative power. In this workshop, Alexis will guide you through playful exercises to meet your clown and help you plant creative seeds. This workshop aims to be a celebration of your uniqueness and a safe space for all to explore. “Clowns are not just acting out silly situations to make us laugh. They are reaching down into their own humanity, connecting with the thing we all fear the most.”


Make a handwoven tray with Ankaret Dean

October 28th, 10am to 3pm

$75 for MERA members and $85 for non members

In this workshop, master basket maker Ankaret Dean will guide experienced and non experienced weavers through the process of making a handwoven tray with a wooden base. A braided border will be added to finish the piece. Adults and children over the age of twelve will enjoy creating and decorating the tray to their own liking. Some materials provided (please see the list of what to bring).

Please bring your own lunch. Coffee and tea will be provided.

Material fee $15.00

Ankaret will bring the unfinished tray base for you. She suggests you may like to buy some shelf material to cover the wood. The size of the tray is 11“ x 17“. It used to be called Mac tac and it is available on Amazon and locally at Canadian tire and home hardware. You could also use spray paint.

Tools to bring:

Garden snips

Tape measure, or ruler


Bowl or pail for water


Please email MERA admin meraschoolhouse@gmail.com with any questions or to register

Writing from Memory with Amanda West Lewis
Saturday November 4th, 10am to 12:30pm
$45 for MERA members and $55 for non members
Participants: 18+
About Amanda: Amanda West Lewis is a writer, theatre creator, calligrapher, and teaching artist. She writes novels, picture books, and crafts books. FOCUS. CLICK. WIND is her eighth book.
At the heart of everything she does is a passion for words. Words on the page. Words on the stage. The look, sound, meaning and feel of words in your mouth and in your body. The potential of words to reflect meaning and intention.
About the Workshop: Memories are made of small moments. Working with memory moments, we can discover new ideas to form a base for creating stories.
In this hands-on, collaborative workshop, we’ll start with the writing prompt: “What is your earliest memory?” Together, we’ll create a series of group poems that are both specific and personal. We’ll also look at examples of how this same memory prompt inspired the verse novel “These Are Not the Words.”
This poetry writing workshop with Amanda West Lewis explores ways that our memories and dreams can spark ideas and springboard us into larger writing projects.
Please email meraschoolhouse@gmail.com with any questions or to register.