The Fibre Arts Group at MERA

If you're interested in the fibre arts (knitting, spinning, weaving, etc.) why not drop by MERA on Tuesday evenings, when you'll find members and would-be members sitting around the table in the kitchen working on our projects.

Fibre Arts includes the knitters and the fibre arts free workshops group.  The knitting group can best be described as self help. The members share techniques and new ideas with each other. We welcome anyone looking for assistance or wanting to start from “scratch”. All of us benefit from the interaction.  And we just to talk – about everything. There have been tongue-in-cheek complaints from others in the building that we laugh too much.


Officially, we meet from about Tuesdays at 6pm – but people drop in at any point in the morning.

Staying into the afternoon allows those who are interested to move right into the Fibre Arts Open Studio. Based on interest, workshops may be offered in needle-felting, card-making, basketry, wet-felting, jewellery-making, etc. If you have a class you’d like to teach, let us know!

In the fall we focus on creating items to be donated to the MERA Room at the Annual MERA Christmas Fair, to raise money for MERA.
And -- if you have a class you’d like to teach, that would be great!

Every January and September, you can take part in planning sessions for the upcoming year. You can ask for programs you’d like to see taught, you can volunteer to teach a workshop, or you can raise any programming issues you think are relevant. And those meetings are held after potluck lunches – ‘worth the price of admission,’ as they say!

We take a break from June through August when people are busy with gardens, holidays, family visits, etc.
There are no fees aside from the annual MERA membership dues and the occasional workshop fee.

How can you get involved? Just show up any Tuesday evening at 6pm. Bring a project, sit down and get started.

For more information contact: Michele Derry