The Fibre Arts Group at MERA

If you are interested in the fibre arts (knitting, spinning, felting, crocheting etc)why not drop by MERA once a month on Tuesday afternoons at 2 pm.  You will find a really welcoming, enthusiastic group of people!  Unless there is a specific workshop planned, we bring whatever we are currently working on and have tea and chat about everything.


Based on interest we can offer workshops on wheel spinning, needle felting, dyeing, basketry etc.  If there is something you would like to learn, let us know.  If you can teach us something let us know too!

Every once in a while we will have a potluck along with a mini workshop - last time it was toothbrush rugs - great food and a new skill learned!  Check the MERA calendar for dates each month.  There is no charge to join the group but if we schedule a more involved workshop (dyeing) there will be a fee (for materials).  Details to be provided when each workshop is announced.

Please come and join us we would love to see you!

For more information please contact MIchele Derry at