Our Administrator Alexis Scott and our Custodian David Wilson are invaluable members of our team.

What do they do?

A long time ago when we weren’t all so busy
We did all the work to be done in committee
MERA was managed entirely by members
Through workshops and work bees as many remember.
But MERA got bigger, the list of tasks grew
And the helpers began to feel they were too few
Jobs nobody wants to do fall through the cracks
So we hired two helpers to keep us on track
I’ve tried to sum up below just what they do
So you’ll know just how much we rely on those two
And you’ll know there are limits to what we can ask
of helpers we’ve brought in to fill in the gaps.
‘cause when MERA began and we weren’t all so busy
We did all the work to be done in committees.


 Administrator’s Responsibilities

 Office Administration

  • Respond to telephone and e-mail requests for information about MERA, its programs and events
  • Retrieve and open mail, distribute and file as required
  • Maintain archives of MERA events and programs i.e. press clippings and photos
  • Make regular bank deposits
  • Maintain monthly MERA’s financial files and records for accountant
  • Respond to inquiries from accountant and Board Treasurer
  • Provide administrative support to Board as required
  • Coordinate Annual General Meeting
  • Arrange for timely payment for goods and services – meet with treasurer twice a month
  • Attend monthly Board meetings and provide written monthly report to board on previous month’s activities and upcoming events.  Point out issues or concerns from members or the public
  • Assist with grant applications as required
  • Coordinate licenses and special permits as required
  • During any absence for an extended period, critical issues be flagged to the Board to be dealt with during time away


  • Maintain up to date membership list, mailing lists and email addresses.
  • Send email to membership about membership renewals starting in November
  • Maintain Mail Chimp, Facebook, etc

Programs and events

  • Coordinate workshop and event registrations, collect and deposit participant fees
  • Work with Program Committee as needed
  • Liaise with Farmers' Market manager
  • Coordinate with music committee and promotion for musical events
  • Weekly & Monthly Groups – make sure they have what they need with regards to membership & promotion
  • Keep Calendar of Events on Website up to date
  • Coordinate summer camps & registrations, collect and deposit participant fees

 Publicity and Public Relations

  • Publicize programs and events including fundraising through membership mailings, press releases and approved advertising
  • Compose and send ‘e-newsletter’ out to membership bi-weekly
  • Update MERA bulletin board & whiteboard calendar
  • Work with website volunteer to ensure up to date information, work with website designer as needed for maintenance and tech changes

 Schoolhouse Facilities

  • Coordinate rental agreements – contracts, payments, etc.  Make sure everything is legal.
  • Liaise with MERA custodian & building committee as needed.
  • Coordinate with Lanark Highlands Township & Health Unit as needed
  • Negotiate contracts, like Bell Canada, Storm Internet, etc.


Custodian’s Responsibilities



  • Take garbage & recycling to the dump.


  • Monthly inspection of facility as per Township checklist
  • Ensure the salt in the softener is topped up as required (check regularly)


  • Check the condition of floor tiles and arrange for waxing if needed. (Building Committee)
  • Change batteries in Smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors when clocks are changed in Fall


  • Cut grass and trim as required
  • Remove snow from the walkways as required; salt and sand walkways as required.

Cleaning every two weeks - including but not limited to the following:   

  • Wipe kitchen counters with surface cleaner
  • Scour sinks and clean faucets with kitchen cleaner
  • Wipe out fridge
  • Check stove and clean as necessary
  • Clean garbage/compost area as necessary
  • Dust/wash display case in entrance way
  • Dust shelves/tables as much as is possible without moving all objects
  • Dust piano
  • Vacuum ledges of chalk boards
  • Clean bathroom sinks/faucets with cleaner/scrubbers, dry faucets with cloth to shine
  • Clean mirrors in bathrooms with vinegar and paper towels
  • Soak and clean toilets with toilet cleaner. Clean the outside of toilet basins.
  • Purchase toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, cleaning supplies as needed. (Action Sanitation)
  • Take bathroom garbage to main garbage in kitchen
  • Wipe and clean window ledges as necessary
  • Clean windows when needed
  • Vacuum and wash all floors and vacuum rugs