MERA Closed by Municipal Order

Effective as of midnight Friday March 13th, Township of Lanark Highlands will be closing all facilities to the public until April 3rd, 2020.

Dear Friends,

The Township of Lanark Highlands has responded to the call to do all that can be done to slow the spread of Covid-19 by closing all township facilities. Our beloved schoolhouse is a community hall, and as such, it is now closed “until further notice”. Closed means closed; there is no grey area. The schoolhouse building is closed by order of the Township and all weekly and monthly activities are cancelled until we receive permission from the Township to reopen.

If you have tickets for Sunday’s concert, now cancelled, you can contact Tickets Please for a refund or to allow your purchase to be held as a credit for a future event. If you have paid in advance for an on-going activity at MERA now on hold we ask for your patience. We may be able to pick up our normal activities in a matter of weeks. If the hiatus goes on too long we will have to refund registration fees. Refunds for today’s workshop will be sent out soon.

The indefinite closure of the schoolhouse means that MERA’s Annual General Meeting which was scheduled for next Sunday, March 22nd must be postponed. The meeting will be re-scheduled once the Township’s order is lifted.

It has been a sad day of coming to terms with all that closing the schoolhouse means. Emptying the fridge and locking the door felt terrible. As soon as the Township gives us permission to re-open and return to our activities you will be informed. We will send out the happy news by e-mail, through social media and on MERA’s website. No doubt the grape vine will be singing!

Meanwhile, let’s remember that MERA is people not a building. We will find ways to care for and support each other in the coming weeks. Of that, I am convinced.

All good wishes,

Lyndal & Trina

Please monitor this website and the MERA Events Calendar for further developments. Regardless of where you are, this is a time to be extra vigilant with hand washing and reducing your exposure to potential infection.

For regular updates, you can go to the Ontario Ministry of Health’s website at; You will find any and all cases that have been reported, confirmed, identified. The locations of where these are and how they are being treated. One consistency with respect to the data is the component of travel that is associated with these cases.

Fever, cough and difficulty breathing are symptoms of the covid-19 virus.  More serious complications relate to pneumonia and kidney failure.  There is no vaccine or specific treatments.  Most cases of common illness from coronavirus will recover on their own.  Drinking plenty of fluids, resting/sleeping as much as possible and showers/humidifiers for a sore throat and cough are some ways of dealing with the infection. Contact Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 or your local public health unit if you’re experiencing symptoms of the 2019 novel coronavirus. DO NOT CALL 911 unless it is an emergency.

You can find information provided by the local health unit at; You will find information on the virus and some general question & answer type of information. Further, there is information for schools, health care providers and emergency service workers. Dr. Paula Stewart is our Medical Officer of Health and she is working on behalf of all of us at the local level to provide information and guidance.