Raphael Kerem Brooms

Brooms and woodworking, influenced by traditional cultures, using hand methods, and local, natural materials, right from tree to finished product

Raphael grew up in Israel and Africa and was exposed to handicraft from a very early age, in everyday life. Many people did handicrafts and it was part of the fabric of daily life. As a young person, he took great interest in these people. Later, Raphael lived in the Swiss Alps and took training in woodworking and cheese making. When the time came to make a living, he chose something practical, woodworking. Even after 40 years working in eastern Ontario, he still feels that he has just got his toes wet: he is learning on his own and from others all the time. He is committed to his vocation, making beautiful, useful things. He lives by the belief that the most beautiful things in the world are right in front of us.

Rafael has been making brooms over 36 years, brooms that work exceptionally well. People say they are Too Nice to Use, but in fact they are very functional, and as a tool, they give daily pleasure.

Raphael can be reached by phone: 613 273 5693
He would deliver brooms in our area, or you can pick them up at his studio in the Village of Burridge.

Long brooms: $150
Medium length brooms: $125
Hearth broom (left top): $65
Funnel whisk (right top): $36

Copper dust pans: small: $95, large: $115