See, Swap & Learn at Garden Day May 13


Come to MERA’s Garden Day on Saturday May 13th at MERA Schoolhouse from 10 am to 4 pm.

We are starting in the morning with the seedling swap at 10 am until noon. Bring your seedlings and exchange them for a variety of different plants, sell or donate. Pick-up something special to plant.

At 11:00 see hands-on demonstrations on building willow fences and pollinator hotels with Ankaret Dean.

At noon, enjoy a $10 lunch including coffee, tea or drink and dessert.

The afternoon features presentations from several seasoned gardeners geared to all levels of gardening. This year, we are really tapping into our local experts. Topics range from organic gardening essentials, seed germination, fungal dominant compost, soil blocks, making and using bio char, harvesting and much more. Learn and share the many tricks and tips to help your garden thrive. Here’s the afternoon schedule:

1:00 – Mike Nickerson on organic gardening and sustainability
1:30 – (Tentative) Nate Morris on bio char
2:00 – Tim Booth on fungal dominant compost
2:30 – Linda Harvey on permaculture and saving energy
3:00 – Paul Smith on Shitake mushrooms
3:30 – Wheelers on maple syrup production

The day ends with a general panel discussion on best practices with these presenters followed by Q&A.