MERA Winter Speakers Series Starts January 20th

The popular Speakers Series returns this year with a new list of experts in their own fields. Cozy up at home, the Speakers Series will be held over Zoom on Thursday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30 PM. Join as many as you like!
To sign up, please contact Helen Mogford. Donations to MERA are appreciated, suggested donation: $10 per talk.


Thursday Jan. 20 : Connecting to All Our Relationships
Francine Desjardins (Cultural Advisor and Aboriginal Awareness Presenter)

Indigenous knowledge keeper Francine hopes this talk will allow an awakening to our perspective and connection to the land, her teachings and how we interact with All Our Relations. There are many ways to share these teachings, but she finds her voice through our songs, their teachings and intentions. Please join her on this brief journey into our ways of being. MORE>

Thursday Jan. 27 : Keeping the Heat In
Ross Elliott (Certified Passive House Consultant)

Curious about passive house design and reducing your energy footprint?  Ross will walk us through many of the issues involved. MORE>

Thursday Feb. 3 : Batiks in Africa: discovering my visual voice
Jennifer Raby (Art Educator, Batik and Watercolour Artist)

Jenn developed a passion for Batik through its unique elements and petulant requirement of the artist for innovative thinking and action. She loves to share the joy and magic of this process with others. MORE>

Thursday Feb. 10 : Adventures from around the world: by a lifelong basketmaker
Ankaret Dean (Basketmaker and Founder of Lanark Highlands Basketry Museum)

Ankaret Dean never imagined that making a small weeping willow basket in 1975 at Sheridan College, would lead her to a lifelong Interest in baskets. MORE>

Thursday Feb. 17: Children, Nature and Relationships: Creating Spaces for Connection
Kathy Boelsma (Forest School Practitioner and Early Years Arts Educator),
Melissa Cornacchia (Honeybee Homestead),
Anna Baranyi (Registered Early Childhood Educator)

Three educators offer different perspectives from their unique backgrounds and will share how experiential learning, co created spaces, and creating community can impact children’s wellness and ecological identities. Connections to plants, the land, and the elements, form the foundations of creating curriculum together. MORE>

Thursday Feb. 24 Chris Anstead: Hunting for Postal History
A chance to wave the flag for Elphin’s favourite son, duelist John Wilson. MORE>