The Winter Community Café can’t wait to see you at MERA every Saturday beginning January 11 through to March 28, 2020, 10am to 2pm.

A group of enthusiastic youth are offering their services for the duration of the café this year! They have been practising at MERA and planning since October. Offerings will include fair-trade, organic coffee, baked goods, homemade soups, panini’s, the occasional entrée. And always smiles and laughs!!!
New! This year! The youth invite you to a Community Birthday Bash at the Cafe on Saturday Jan 25, Saturday Feb 15 and Saturday March 21 to celebrate everyone of all ages who has a birthday during that month! Let the café know when you arrive, and a coffee (or any beverage) and dessert is on the house!!!
Did you know that in the spirit of community building, the café always offers its net profits each year to a local organization or initiative? Possibilities for the upcoming Cafe that the youth have consulted about thus far include: a youth-led forest group which includes spending time in forests as well as planting local forests (not just trees!), and other outdoor youth-specific initiatives. Stay tuned!!! When you support the café, you are supporting local.
The café welcomes everyone of all ages! We can’t wait to see you!!!
P.S. The Winter Community Café has its very own, new email address: should you need to contact its volunteers!

The Winter Community Café at MERA
is an independent undertaking that is operated by a volunteer collective.
The purpose of the café is to bring people of all ages together
to promote community building..