Double Bill with

Alanna J. Brown and Campbell Woods

Sunday May 26, 2024, 2:00 pm

MERA Schoolhouse, McDonald’s Corners

This show is the result of a talent search of “local” musicians we initiated early this year. Of the large number who responded there were a handful of serious musicians we especially liked. The music of both Alanna J. Brown and Campbell Woods stood out, each having a distinct vibe with a solid catalog of original music, but sharing a similar energy level. We imagined bringing these two together for a double bill would be interesting. Fortunately both Alanna and Campbell agreed. Rather than separate sets, Alanna and Campbell plan to share the stage together, trading their music and stories. We can’t wait.

Alanna J. Brown’s music is a spellbinding combination of her ethereal voice backed up by delicately crafted guitar arrangements. The imagery in Alanna’s introspective lyrics owes much to her decade spent surrounded by the streams and forests of Banff National Park. The apparent beautiful simplicity of her solo performance belies a solid foundation of musical experience and passion.

It has been said that Campbell Woods sings soft songs about hard luck. Nothing new there you say. But the characters in his songs come to life with surprising clarity because Campbell paints with phrases and details that are true. Words that convey much more that the words themselves by igniting our own memories and imagination. Townes Van Zandt and John Prine have blazed this trail and Campbell treads this path with music you will not soon forget.

For more information and music by Alanna J. Brown CLICK HERE

For more information and music by Campbell Woods CLICK HERE

Tickets are $25 plus fees available at TicketsPlease

The MERA Schoolhouse is located at 974 Dalhousie Concession 9A, McDonald’s Corners