Express. Connect. Be.

Friends new and old meet every other week to dance, groove and jam

We do it cause music and movement fills our cup. It's no mess, no fuss. Think of a living room party with friends!!! If you've got a body and desire to creatively dance, move and express, this is for you! What makes us a collective? We're movers and shakers of all sorts - props like hula hoops, hip scarves, sarongs, etc are welcomed. Playlists, set-up and clean-up are shared. Contribute when and how you can.

Come on in and try it. We can't wait to meet you! Drop on in.

We dance barefoot or with clean indoor shoes. Bring some H2O.

The cost is $5 per week and we dance from 7 to 9 pm.

Contact: Melissa Cornacchia 416.559.2676 or email here.

Our fall 2019 schedule is‎ every other Thursday:

September 26

October 10 & 24

November 7 & 21

December 5 & 19

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